Arsenic Removal Technologies – Point of Use Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems – Part II

Arsenic Removal Technologies – Part 2

In part one of our blog posts regarding removal of arsenic from drinking water supplies, we looked at removal of arsenic through reverse osmosis technology.  In part 2, we will look at the removal of two “species” of arsenic often encountered in water wells.  The USEPA and other health departments recommend that owners of private water wells with elevated arsenic use an alternate source of water for drinking and cooking, or install a water-treatment system that removes arsenic.  Treating water to remove arsenic is not simple.   However, there are a variety of arsenic removal technologies available on the market today.

Common household water-treatment methods, such as water softeners, activated carbon filters and sediment filters are not effective for removing arsenic from water.

As previously stated in our blog, reverse osmosis can be an effective tool for arsenic removal from well water.  Furthermore, home owners have a variety of other systems available when treating water for the removal of arsenic.  Please see the following article here, regarding removal of arsenic “species” III and V.  The article delves into arsenic removal methods for two “species” of arsenic often encountered in well water, As(III) and As(V).   And remember, Lifestream supplies a variety of reverse osmosis systems! Furthermore, Lifestream is your local water quality and water treatment expert for central Colorado.  Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding removal of arsenic from your drinking water supply!

Arsenic Removal Technologies