Olympus® OER™ Pro Compatible Filters

Olympus ® OER™ Pro Compatible Filters

Lifestream provides safe, high quality, and affordable compatible filters for Olympus ® OER™ Pro Endoscope Reprocessors.  In addition, Lifestream offers Next Day Air shipping on all of our AER filters.

Therefore,  for additional information or pricing please contact Lifestream at 1-719-530-0522 or contact us.

DetailsOEM Stock#Lifestream Item#
10 inch 0.45 Micron Pre-filter for OER Pro™MF01-0015PL8S45F
10 inch 1 Micron Pre-filter for OER Pro™MF01-0014PL7S15F
0.65/0.2 Micron Dual Layer Bacterial Retention Filter with Centering Ring for OER Pro®MAJ-8242SDL
0.2 Micron Internal Air Filter for OER Pro™MAJ-8231MKQC