Arsenic Removal through Point of Use Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Arsenic Removal

NSF’s Consumer Affairs Office fields thousands of inquiries each year from everyday people concerned about contaminants in their drinking water. Although lead has consistently been the most popular inquiry over the last several years, arsenic is always in the top-10 list of contaminants about which consumers ask.  However, removal of this element can be effectively achieved through use of reverse osmosis technology.

As stated, reverse osmosis can be an effective tool for arsenic removal from drinking water supplies.  Furthermore, home owners have a variety of RO options available when treating water for the removal of arsenic.  Please see the remainder of Water Conditioning and Purification’s article by clicking here for more information regarding the effectiveness of RO technology for arsenic removal!   And remember, Lifestream supplies reverse osmosis systems! Furthermore, Lifestream is your local water quality and water treatment expert for central Colorado.  Please contact us today!

Arsenic Removal

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