1. How do I contact technical support?
    You should call (719)530-0522 or email info@lifestreamsystemsinc.com
  2. How often should my filter(s) be replaced?
    The frequency of filter change outs depends upon water quality and volume of water usage. For example if there is a lot of particulate (dirt/rust) in your water, then you would need to change your filters more frequently than someone with little to no particulate in their water. It’s time to replace your filters whenever you notice a decline in performance, such as a drop in flow rate and/or pressure or an unusual taste or odor in the water. Lifestream food service systems have an outlet pressure gauge with a low pressure zone located on the left side of the dial. If the pressure gauge needle is below 30 PSI, the filters should be replaced immediately! If you have a Scalestick™ it needs to be replaced before the Hydroblend™ compound is completely used up.
  3. How do I change my filter(s)?
    Filter Change Directions Video
  4. Will filtering water extend the longevity of my food service equipment?
    Yes. Water supplies often contain small particulates as well as chemicals such as chlorine. The small particles can interfere with the mechanical operation of your equipment causing failure or plugging of orifices and valves. Chemicals such as chlorine can attack the internal metal surfaces. With the proper filter system, particles as small as 0.5 micron as well as chlorine will be reduced and likely extend the life of your equipment.
  5. How may I obtain pricing, get literature, or place an order for your products?
    Call (719)530-0522 and request a quote or literature from a sales associate. Or send us an email at info@lifestreamsystemsinc.com . Our online store is coming soon.